Being raped by the head of the Rape

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Working with the same lascivious manager is interesting, this month due to failing to fulfill the target, it must be reprimanded and scolded by this beautiful lascivious manager, in addition to reducing salaries and having to work part -time jobs. Now there is another punishment that she has not yet done. Today, she was at work, when she entered the room with a serious but also implicit face, she walked and looked around a round without anyone and said now she will carry out that punishment. She slowly walked to gently bring her long legs to wear the outside of the black skin socks full of lewd up on the dick of the staff that stimulated, then she approached closer, dragged the cock of Nhien Vien. Beginning the torture, one hand covered one hand, then took the staff as in the sex clips of the American sex, continuous and strong so she raped the young man within 1 hour